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    At Car Removals Melbourne, we offer ‘Free Car Towing’ services for “Unwanted Car Disposal”. We offer service throughout Melbourne, Dandenong, Frankston & Ballarat.  Our car removal service is free and we offer Instant Cash for Cars on the spot up to $6000 for unwanted vehicles.

    Same Day Car Removals Service Melbourne

    Our services include Unwanted Car Removal, Cash for Used Cars, Car Wrecking, Towing, and Car Removal of any Scrap Cars. We take pride in our Car Removal service. Our drivers are well trained to provide the best services, that’s the reason we are rated as one of the Top Car Removals company in Melbourne, Victoria.

    When you want a Car Sale that is quick and clean and doesn’t leave you disappointed with the price you get for your vehicle- whatever its condition, you want to give Car Removals Melbourne a call. We don’t disappoint vehicle owners with lowball prices on their autos. We only make Selling Your Car the best transaction of the day. Give us a quote for a Cash for Cars offer up to $6000 for your unwanted vehicle.

    Call us at  0451 101 985

    We Remove Any Cars in Melbourne

    Yes, we remove all types of cars, vans, utes, 4wds, trucks and bikes. We provide more cash if it is truck or 4wds. SUVs also bring in

    Car Removals Melbourne

    good value. But, then again, so do cars! With scrap, damaged, wrecked and old vehicles that we collect to recycle, you get paid on the precious metals and parts under the hood as well as the vehicle’s weight and size; so, the bigger and heavier the vehicle like trucks, vans & SUVs, the more $$$ you’ll get paid. We make fair Cash for Scrap Car offers on any vehicle of any condition. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a quote.

    We Buy All Make & Model Cars For Cash

    Yes, we buy All Make and Model. Some of the brands we buy are Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Benz, BMW, Audi and Proton to name a few. But, we love to get our hands on any brand of automobile, running or not. We love Australian manufactured vehicles, Japanese manufactured vehicles, ones manufactured in the US and everywhere else. You won’t hear that you’ll get a low quote for your vehicle just because it is not a high demand vehicle. We are specialists in the Auto Buying & Wrecking industry, so you get the value for your vehicle. Give us a call today to get a Fair Cash Offer on your Nissan, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Hummer, or anything else. We buy them all! And, pay up to $6000 CASH!

    Sell The Car For Cash In Melbourne

    Some of the benefits you get when you sell the car to us are Free Towing, Top Cash, free paperwork, first class customer service, stress-free service, instant quote and we removal all makes and models. While the conveniences of our Car Buying services seem to be custom to our customers, you get them all for free! We believe in the best courtesies to our customers, making us the number 1 choice in a “Car Removal” company. A choice that leaves our customers with the best cash in their hands for the sale of their unwanted vehicle.

    We are ‘Car Buyers’ that buy vehicles just to wreck them, so you know you are dealing with a professional in the business. A professional that will pay you up to $6000 CASH for Scrap Cars, Old Cars, Unwanted Cars, Damaged Cars, Accident Cars and Wrecked Cars. Get a Cash Quote today. Give us a call or complete our “Get a Quote” form on this web page.

    Searching for Somebody Who Could Give You Some Cash for Scrap Cars in Melbourne?

    Call: 0451 101 985

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