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    If you have a car to sell and are searching for a reliable Cash For Cars buyer, Car Removal Richmond is the most suitable option for you.  We are a licensed car removals company with extensive experience in buying, removing, Car Disposal, wrecking and salvaging vehicles. We are the preferred Cash For Cars wreckers in Richmond 3121, and we will buy your scrap or junk car within a day at the best rates in town.

    We know how Richmond residents prefer to conduct business: quickly, securely, and efficiently.  We will put up with you while purchasing your unwanted vehicle and will walk you through the entire process to get cash for your car the same day. We want to look at your junk car if you have one in your backyard. Cars Wanted Melbourne guarantees you a fair and accurate value that no one else can provide.

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    Car disposal

    Get Your Old Car Removed Today – It Only Takes An Hour!

    Cars Wanted Melbourne can have your vehicle removed in less than an hour. Get rid of your old car quickly while also getting money in hand. Old vehicle owners do not have to go to the trouble of making repairs or waxing the vehicle to keep it in a presentable condition. We are a company that eliminates all preparation work, allowing our customers to sell a vehicle quickly.

    We purchase it “as it is.” 

    We request that all vehicle owners have their vehicles cleaned of all personal belongings before we arrive to inspect and purchase the car. Cars Wanted Melbourne is a Scrap Cars Service that will buy and remove your vehicle in less than an hour.

    For all Richmond 3121 vehicle owners, our Car Buying process is that simple.

    1. You contact us by phone or through our website, providing information about your vehicle.
    2. We quickly determine its worth and give you a quote from Cash for Cars Richmond.
    3. We give you the option to accept, reject, or consider our offer.
    4. If you accept, we will schedule a free car disposal/removal.

    Our customers’ car removals can schedule an appointment at their convenient time.

    When we arrive, we will conduct a quick inspection of the vehicle to ensure that they were given an accurate description. We will then provide our customers with paperwork to sign stating that they are selling their vehicle to Cars Wanted Melbourne. We will pay them CASH FOR CARS Richmond. If the vehicle description provided is accurate, we will pay the amount we quoted over the phone. We load the vehicle while you count your money and get on our way quickly.

    It takes less than an hour to sell and remove your car from Cars Wanted Melbourne. Counting up to $6,000 in cash will take you less than an hour. We will require you to have the vehicle’s title of ownership or scrap title ready to sign over to our technician.  We also request that you have the vehicle cleaned of all personal belongings and park it in a location that allows our technicians access to the car.

    Why should you go with Cars Wanted Melbourne?

    When you select Cars Wanted Melbourne, you are choosing a company that has:

    How Do We Determine the Value of Your Used Vehicle?

    Our vehicle appraisers are well-versed in quoting prices for all makes and conditions of any model and year of vehicles. We use a national database that provides a wealth of information about a vehicle and many other factors such as the weight, size, and metals of the car if we recycle.

    We deal with:

    Cars Wanted Melbourne buys vehicles of all makes and conditions, puts cash in your hands as soon as possible, and provides Cash for Car Removals in Richmond.

    Documents to keep on hand:

    Before we finalize the sale, we require photo identification such as your driver’s license and proof of ownership to ensure that the buyer is the legal owner of the car or an authorized proxy.

    Vehicles that have been financed. If your car has been encumbered, please contact the financier and request a current payout in writing.  This is a simple procedure, and most will send the request to your email address

    Accessories, log books or service receipts, spare keys, and optional extras can all help your valuation.

    Cars Wanted Melbourne wants to buy your junk car right now.  Call us or fill out our “Get a Quote” form, and we’ll make you an offer.  Contact us at 0451 101 985.

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