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In our years of experience, the most common reason for someone to trade in their Car for Cash is that car has failed its road worthy test and the work needed for its repair is simply too expensive. If you no longer want to continue paying for a car that isn’t worth keeping, then Cars Wanted Melbourne to take pride in saying that we pay Instant cash for your unwanted or scrap car, no matter its condition.

Cars Wanted Melbourne are able to take away your junk or Scrap Car off your hands and pay cash for it. Our team of trained professionals will remove your car from your premises without any hassle. We offer Free Car Removals no matter the make or model, whether it is a scrap car, accident car, a junk car, or even an old or damaged vehicle.

Our removal and salvage services are tailored to each individual’s requirements. Our transactions are protected and personalized for every customer. Therefore, when you call “Cars Wanted Melbourne” you will deal with only the most professional staff we have to offer.

Instant Cash For Your Unwanted Car

Are you tired of seeing that unsightly unwanted car sitting in your driveway rusting away? Is it no longer worth the repair or holding onto? By calling ‘Cars Wanted Melbourne’

Cash for Cars Melbourne

you can avoid the stress and hassle of disposing of your unwanted car by yourself. At Cars Wanted Melbourne we put money in your pocket for you and Get rid of Junk Cars. More often than not people think that their scrap or junk cars are useless which is very common when you consider the cars condition may cause problems and make it impossible to sell to buyers. When trying to sell a car that is nearly or completely useless, you are likely to run into a lot of bumps in the road. Finding the right buyer and advertising your car for the right price is always problematic.

Get Paid Upto $6000 & Free Car Removal Service

At CARS WANTED MELBOURNE, we provide the best cash prices for unwanted, scrap or junk cars. By calling us today to retrieve you scrap or junk car you can receive up to $6000 in cash for it. That’s right up to $6000 in cash. Don’t waste time and money by going through private sales. Cars Wanted Melbourne makes it easier for you by coming to your doorstep and removing you scrap or junk car and giving you the best price. Our services even include sending our dispatch team to have a look at your scrap car and give you a face to face quote to ensure you are given the most accurate price for your unwanted car.

At Cars wanted Melbourne we help customers save a lot of cash when it comes to the Removal, Recycling or Wrecking of old unwanted scrap cars. Don’t waste time and money on private online car sales to list your junk or scrap cars and get nowhere near the price you deserve. By calling Cars Wanted Melbourne we can give you up to $6000 for your junk or scrap car with a free pick up service for anywhere in Melbourne.

When you call Cars Wanted Melbourne there’s never a problem with the age or condition of your scrap or junk car, we will pay you top cash for it no matter what. We accept any year, make and model of car, as well as any condition.  When you deal with us you don’t need to worry about having the car repaired, or cleaned to prep it for sale. Just give our friendly staff at ‘Cars Wanted Melbourne’ a call and we’ll gladly offer you a top cash offer on your car which could be anywhere up to $6000, just the way it is.  We don’t mind if your car is running or not.  When you call us you get top dollar on your car removal, no matter its condition.

Get Rid of Your Unwanted Cars Without Any hassle

At Cars Wanted Melbourne we give you cash for your car that you have lying stationary in your driveway. Our unbeatable ‘Cash for Car’ prices allows you to get rid of that unwanted car and actually make some money in the process.

We give you valuable, reliable and professional Car Removal services throughout Melbourne. All you need to do is just make an appointment with Cars Wanted Melbourne and we can organise a time that best suits your busy schedule. We will make the removal or disposal of your car convenient and easy for you. At Cars Wanted Melbourne we provide you with a reliable, professional, friendly and hassle-free experience throughout the whole process of selling your car with us.  No longer will you have to deal with your car rusting away day after day in your garage, driveway or yard, just call us today and you can get instant cash for your car!

At Junk Car Removal Melbourne, we get you Cash For Junk cars for cash TODAY!

All years makes & models  in any condition. With Guaranteed pricing,

FREE TOWING & Cash paid on the spot! We make selling your Junk Car For Cash hassle free,

simply provide us with the year , make & model and a small description of what is wrong

with your junk car & with in seconds we can quote you with the highest Cash For Junk Car Removal.

Call: 0451 101 985

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