Don’t Just Scrap Your Old Car – Wreck It Instead!

Posted on 22th, Oct 18

Yes, you read that right! Do you have any old car lying around in your backyard parked in your garage? You probably think it’s useless since it hasn’t been in running condition for years now. You’ve thought about taking it to a junkyard a couple of times, but why go through all of that just for a couple of hundred dollars?

Beating around many solutions, when you have to free up space, you know you have to get rid of it. Most people opt for scraping it. Scrapping a car means that you will give it up to a scrap yard where they will extract all the metal from it for recycling purposes.

Admittedly, scrapping a car is not a bad option since cars have a lot of metal parts and they can end up paying you a decent amount for what you thought was junk from your backyard. But here, the experts at Cars Wanted Melbourne think that you should wreck it!

And by that we certainly don’t mean you should wreck it at home or throw it down a cliff. We mean, you should call a Cash for Cars service that provides car wrecking services at your doorstep!

What’s the difference between Scraping & Wreck it

Basically, scraping involves getting any metal together that can be recycled. Doesn’t matter what source is it from, a scraper is only licensed to extract metal from your vehicle and nothing else. That means, your metal car parts will be weighed and whatever that sums up to, is the amount that you’re going to get paid in return for their services.

Car Wrecking, however, is a different process. Car Wreckers are licensed to pull out spare parts from your vehicle that can be resold. So when you wreck your car, there’s a very good chance that your car will have some parts that can be resold, therefore increasing its value. That’s a good thing because if it has a higher value, you will get paid more as a result!

Companies like Cars Wanted Melbourne offer cash for cars services. This means that we will pick your car up from your home, take it to our wrecking yard and pay you top dollar for your vehicle! Now remember, you need wreckers, not scrapers. If you’re looking for someone to wreck your car for a good price in Melbourne, give us a call at 0451 101 985.

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