Free Car Removal Service for your Junk or Scrap Car anywhere in Melbourne

Posted on 25th, Jul 19

Free Car Removal Services in Melbourne gives you Cash for Junk Cars, Scrap Cars – Cars that have been damaged in accidents or cars that you may longer need for.  Cars Wanted Melbourne is an Auto Car Wrecker and Cash for Car dealer situated in a suburb close to you, in Melbourne.

A FREE Car Removal Service, we buy:

  • Old Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Scrap Cars
  • Accident-damaged cars
  • Cars with REGo
  • Cars without REGO
  • Cars that Insurance has written off
  • Cars where the owner has been unable to repay the interest on their Car Loans in Melbourne

FREE Car Removal Services in Melbourne pay you for your Old Car while they remove it

Normally, when you want to get an Unwanted Car removed, you’ve got to pay a Towing Company to tow your vehicle away for you.
Towing Services will charge you at least $99 to tow your car away. The rate could vary – depending on their location from you.
FREE Car Removal Services like those provided by Cars Wanted Melbourne don’t charge you to tow your car away. Instead, they pay you – up to $6,000 for your car – depending on its model, make and condition.

Car Removals Melbourne

Instant Cash is yours with a FREE Car Removal Service like Cars Wanted Melbourne

Cars Wanted Melbourne is a FREE car Removal Service. We pay our customers Cash for their Cars. But even better, we pay them this Cash – on the Spot! 

Sell your Car to Cars Wanted Melbourne and we will give you CASH – on the spot – for it. 

Do note – due to recent changes in legislation by the State Government of Victoria, we are now forced to pay our clients their Cash via Bank Transfer (EFT) or Cheque. 

Do you pay Cash for Junk cars too?

Yes, Cars Wanted Melbourne pays Cash for Junk cars and Scrap Cars too. No matter how badly damaged your car is, we will give you ‘something’ for it. We provide the best Car Removal Services across Melbourne. Contact us and get to know more about the advantages of opting for our Car Removal our services.

Our Payment Menu for Used Cars

Grade C Cars – Cars that are very badly damaged: $50 – $500
Grade B Cars – Cars that are badly damaged but with many working parts that can be used: $500 – $1500
Grade A Cars – Cars that run and are in good condition overall – $1500 and above

For new or partially used cars, we will pay up to $6,000. Call now for a FREE Quote

A Cash for a Car dealer in Melbourne that delivers trust because they believe in it

Cash for car dealers often gets a bad rap for business practice. The practices we follow at Cars Wanted Melbourne are scrupulous and above board. Transparent always, we place an Emphasis on Trust – making sure it is a core part of all our dealings with our clients.

Would you like to receive Cash for your Junk Car?

We’d be happy to give it to you. To receive a FREE Quote from one of our Experienced In-house Car Buyers, please call our Purchasing Hotline now on 0451 101 985. Alternatively, email us at

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