How to Get the Most Money for Your Junk Car in Melbourne?

Posted on 12th, Oct 19

The title of this blog might confuse you. After all, if a car is in junk condition, how can you get top cash for it, right? It may feel like you should be happy with just a free towing for the car. Expecting top cash for a junk car might sound like an impossible dream. However, there is a way to get top cash for your junk car removals in Melbourne. Read on to find out how to get maximum cash for junk car or scrap .

Getting Top Cash for Your Junk Car in Melbourne

No, you aren’t going to polish the car. You don’t have to try to spruce it up in the least. Likely you couldn’t if you wanted to.

Junk Car Removals

You do have to clear out your personal belongings in the car and bring a notepad and pen. What are the notepad and pen for? So, you can take notes on the car. Get under the car. What condition is the condition of the frame of the car? What is the condition of the tyres and rims? How about the body and the interior? Jot down a complete description of the car. So, why do you need a description of the car? Because you want to get top dollars for the junk car. Cars Wanted Melbourne buys junk cars, and we do our best to increase the value of junk cars by taking all factors of the vehicle into consideration.

Selling Your Car to Cars Wanted Melbourne

To sell a car to us, and get top cash, you will need to provide our appraiser with a complete description of your junk car. We provide quotes over the phone and online. With one call to us, you have a quote that you can accept or reject without pressure. If you decide to accept the cash quote, then let us know when you’d like us to arrive with the paperwork and cash to purchase the car. With Cars Wanted Melbourne, you get your unwanted car sold. Let us offer you a quote. Call us at the number below or visit our homepage to complete our “get a quote” form. We love to make the best-priced offers for junk cars of any make and level of junk.

Get a top cash offer from us. Call Cars Wanted Melbourne at 0451 101 985.

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