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If you are around the Doncaster area and have a junk car that’s long been unusable, it’s probably time to get rid of it.  Our Junk Car Removal service offers very attractive prices for cars ranging from slightly damaged to completely totalled.  Our two-fold appraisal system gives you an initial estimate drawn from our national database and a final evaluation on-site that accounts for the extent of the degradation as examined by our veteran inspectors.  Worry not, however, you’d be surprised at how much we’re willing to offer for even the junkiest of Junk Cars.  At “Cars Wanted Melbourne”, we’re dedicated to maintaining the trust of our customers, so you can expect that from us you’re getting the most of what your car is worth. Also, we offer Cash for Junk Cars up to $6000 instant money.

Junk Car Removal Doncaster

How our junk car removal system works

1. Determining the value

Fill out our convenient online form with the correct details of your Junk Car, and we will get back to you with an immediate cash offer via email or SMS.  Alternatively, you can just call 0451 101 985 and our Sunshine consultants will provide an on-site evaluation of your junk car.

2. Confirming the offer

If you like our preliminary cash offer, call, email, or SMS us to review or arrange an on-site inspection for a final offer.  At this stage, we’re able to assess the car personally and give an accurate value as informed by the condition of the car.

3. Completing the sale

Once you accept our offer and finalise the agreement, we complete all the necessary paperwork and settle the transaction onsite.  You will receive your agreed payment in cash or via verified funds transfer into the account of your choosing. To give you peace of mind, we do not proceed with the junk car removal service until you confirm that your payment is documented and secured.

Things to have ready

Documents to have handy: To ensure that the sale is the legal owner of the car or an authorised proxy, we require photo identification such as your driver’s license and proof of ownership before we finalise the sale.

Documents to have handy: To ensure that the sale is the legal owner of the car or an authorised proxy, we require photo identification such as your driver’s license and proof of ownership before we finalise the sale.

Financed vehicles: If your vehicle is encumbered, please contact the financier and request a current payout in writing. This is a simple process and most will forward on the request to your email.

Things to help your valuation: Accessories, log books or service receipts, spare keys and optional extras.


Q) How long does the junk car removal process take?

A) In metro locations, the entire process can be done in as little as an hour or two. This involves inspection, paperwork and ‘Junk Car Removal’. However, if you are situated in a rural area, we will work with you to figure out a convenient time to collect your car and finalise the sale.  For our Junk Car Removal service, please account for slightly more time for evaluation and Car Wreckers, as the extent of the car’s damage may require a more careful approach.

Q) What determines the value of my junk car?

A) Our preliminary pricing system gives an approximate value based on data relayed from our own national database and Glasses Guide. Final values are concluded upon personal on-site appraisal by our own inspectors. Differences in preliminary and final prices may arise due to vehicle condition, distance travelled, and popularity of the car model.  For our Junk Car Removal service, you can expect our focus to be more on vehicle condition foremost.

Q) Which documents do I need to prepare beforehand?

A) To ensure the entire process goes as smooth and quick as possible, we suggest you have your registration certificate and driver’s license ready before the scheduled collection date. However, if you have misplaced or lost your license and/or your registration certificate, we can usually confirm ownership via alternative means, such as a passport or other recognised ID cards.

Q) How will I receive my payment?

A) We pay by cash up front, or via bank transfer or cheque. We also do not collect your car until you have confirmed and are satisfied with the transfer and the junk car removal service is finalised.

Q) I will be unavailable at the pickup date. Can someone else conduct the sale on my behalf?

A) Yes. If an issue arises and you will be unavailable during the scheduled date, you can authorise a proxy to carry out the sale on your behalf. For example, your parents or spouse. As for fleet or company cars, an authorised representative can similarly arrange and complete a sale.

Q) Do I need to pay anything for using Carwanted’s services?

A) No. Our services (including our Junk Car Removal service) are absolutely free, meaning no hidden costs or conditions for everything including valuation, inspection and removal.

Why to Choose Us

At Cars wanted, selling your car is never easier.  Why?  Because we provide security, convenience and efficiency like no other car company can provide.  We have licensed motor vehicle dealers which strictly follow a rigid code of practice.  A code of practice that protects your rights as a consumer, regardless of whether you are buying or selling a car.  This eliminates the risks commonly associated with private buyers that usually end up as a loss for the seller.  With us, you can rest assured knowing that you are dealing licensed professionals that have been operating for more than 15 years and have accrued nation-wide coverage.  Our policy is to foremost ensure your satisfaction, and that is achieved via maximising convenience and profit for you the customer.  Quite simply, no other cash for cars company can equal these credentials.

So why wait?  Call us now at 0451 101 985 or use our online form and get the most money for your car today.

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