Sell Your Used Car In Melbourne Following 4 Steps

Posted on 10th, Jul 17

Do you have a used car you would like to sell quickly for good money or you have tried selling your car but no one seems interested in it because it is very old? Well, if this is your situation, then you should know that you can Sell your Used Car to Car Removal Companies in Melbourne without any hassles. The companies will accept your cars no matter the condition and they will also be willing to pay you top dollars for it.

Here are the four simple steps for selling your used car in Melbourne:

Step One: Call and ask for a price offer

The first step is for you to call the car removal company in Melbourne and express your desire to Sell your Car and request them to present you with an offer. Once you make the call, they will ask you a few questions which will enable them carry an appraisal on your car so that they present you with a price offer commensurate to the value of your car.

Some of the questions they will ask relate to-:

  • The make and model of your car
  • They year of manufacture
  • Whether or not the car is operable
  • Adjustments or modifications done to the car
  • Whether or not it is registered

These questions are only for valuation purposes and not that your car will be rejected based on them.

Step 2: Offer consideration

After you are presented with the OFFER, it will be upon you to consider it and either accept or reject it. If you accept the offer, then you will proceed to the next step but if you reject the offer, then you may have to search for another Melbourne Car Removal company for a better offer. The good news is that the offer comes with no obligation hence you can accept or reject without any repercussions.

Step 3: Schedule for the removal

At this point, you have agreed to the offer and the next thing is for you to set a date and time of your choosing for the actual removal. Most of the companies operate on a 24/7 basis and so you can choose when it is most convenient for you.

Step 4: Get paid, have the vehicle removed

On the agreed date of removal, the company will come with their Tow Trucks, pay you the agreed sum and remove the car. It is that simple!
Contact Cars Wanted Melbourne today at 0451 101 985 for quality and reliable car removal services in Melbourne.

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