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FREE Truck Removals Melbourne Wide

Get a cash sale today. Give Cars Wanted Melbourne a call for your Truck Removal. We are the Truck Buyer in Melbourne that getting your auto sold only takes a call. Give us a call, and we’ll make you a cash offer.

Truck Removals For Any Make & Condition Of Truck

At Cars Wanted Melbourne, we have a Tow Truck near you, so you don’t have to wait to have your vehicle removed. We service Melbourne vehicle owners with quick and convenient Car Removals at hours that fit the schedules of our customers. Our Truck Pick up services are offered 24/7, so a removal today at any hour can be scheduled. When your vehicle is in wrecked condition, scrap condition, damaged condition or just needs a few repairs; we are the removal company that will offer you up to $6,000 in cash for your auto. We buy every make & condition of a vehicle and remove it for free.

Our Truck Removals are quick and convenient:

  • We take less than an hour to buy, load and remove vehicles. The removal includes a quick inspection of the auto and signing the paperwork as well as exchanging the cash. We ask that vehicle owners have the title of ownership or scrap certificate to the auto while our technicians will provide the necessary paperwork.
  • We pick up vehicles anywhere in Melbourne. Our removal services are provided to all vehicle owners that would like to sell their auto to use, regardless of where they are located in Melbourne. Our technicians work around the clock so before work, after work or during business hours can all be schedule for a “Free Truck Removal”.
  • We pay vehicle owners Cash for Trucks on the spot. When we come to the location of vehicle owners to buy and remove their auto, we come with the cash in our hands. Cash up to $6,000 to put in the hands of truck owners before we remove their auto.
  • We buy and remove any make and condition of the truck. We aren’t Auto Wreckers that make Selling Your Truck a hassle. We buy vehicles of every condition and don’t require vehicle owners to fix or repair, or prep the auto for us to remove it. We simply ask that you clean the auto out, and we’ll remove it for free, doing all the heavy work and hassles of disposing of the vehicle.

When you choose Cars Wanted Melbourne

  • Pays Cash for Trucks
  • Offers Free Truck Removals
  • Always Disposes of Vehicles in An Eco-friendly Manner –  We Practice Green Auto Recycling
  • Offers Free Auto Wrecking
  • Provides All Necessary Paperwork

We also provide quick and convenient Cash for Trucks quotes so you can know whether we are the Truck Removal Company in town that you’d like to accept our offer. In less than 10 minutes we’ll have a quote to you. To obtain Cash for Trucks quote:

1.    Give us a call at 0451 101 985. Provide our truck appraiser with the make, model, age & condition of your vehicle and let them know whether you have the title of ownership to the vehicle or scrap title.
2.    Vehicle owners can also fill out our “get a quote” form located at the top right of this page.

Within minutes our appraisers will make a Cash for Trucks quote up to $6,000 cash. Truck Removals can be schedule for the same day as quotes are accepted.