How to Get Your Car Ready Before the Car Removal Company Tow Truck Arrives

Posted on 28th, Feb 17

You have contacted a car removal company; you have given them detailed information about the exact condition of your car. They made you an offer which you gladly accepted and they also agreed to come for the pickup so that you don’t incur the transportation costs. Now all you are waiting for is for the tow truck driver to arrive, pay you cash on the spot and tow your old car away. But while you wait, there are certain preparations you need to make to ensure that the exchange goes on smoothly.

Here is how to prepare your car ready before the car removal company tow truck drivers makes a turn towards your driveway-:

Clean the Car – Car Removal Company Melbourne

You might have given the cash for Car Company very detailed information about your car, but this should not make you ignore the physical appearance of the car. Even though the car may have seen its sunset days, it is vital for the Melbourne removal company to come and find it clean and in a more presentable state. Not that this will sway the agreed price to your advantage, but you may give the company a chance to negotiate down the price simply because the car looks ugly and unsightly due to dirt.

Remove All the Useful Accessories

Be sure to not sell the car with accessories which you can still use in another car or you can sell separately for more profits. Items such as the car’s stereo, the GPS navigation system amongst others should be removed before the tow truck driver arrives. If the tires are also in good condition, you can consider removing them and selling them separately instead of letting them go with the car as junk.

Have the Title Ready

Be advised that the tow truck driver will not tow away your old car unless prove you are the legit owner of the vehicle. The only way to do this is to have the car’s title ready so that you can show it to the tow truck driver to facilitate the process of singing the paperwork once the car removal company is satisfied that you are the legitimate owner of the car. The signing of the transfer papers may take longer than necessary if you don’t have the title and other documents ready for signing when the tow truck driver arrives.

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