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    Do you have an old car just sitting in your yard or garage just occupying precious space?  Are you in the Burwood area and looking to get rid of your old/used cars?  Well, we’ve got your back.  We are offering a heap of Cash and Free Old Car Removal, and are accepting your vehicle ‘as is’ ‘where is’.  That means there’s no need for you to repair or prepare it beforehand.  Classic and low-mileage models are especially on our radar, but if you’ve got another old car model then don’t fret, just call us on 0451 101 985 to see what our ‘Old Car Removal Burwood’ is service can do for you.  At “Cars Wanted Melbourne”, we value your satisfaction and have inspectors with years of experience.  So you can rest assured that you will get back the most accurate value for your car.  If all things go well, we can have your old car removed from your premises within two hours, and afterwards, you’d have a lot of cash on hand. From now on Sell your Cars for Cash in Burwood.

    Free Old Car Removal

    Here’s how Old Car Removal Burwood goes:

    1. Determining your old car’s value

    Send us the right details of your old car on our helpful online form and we will get back to you as quick as possible. If you want a more personal touch, you can call us and our professional consultants will provide an on-site evaluation of your old car.

    2. Confirming the offer

    In the event that you like our initial money offer, call, email, or SMS us to audit or organise an on-location examination for the last offer.

    3. Completing the sale

    When you agree to our offer and we reach an agreement, we finish all the fundamental research material for your Old Auto Removal and settle the exchange on location. You will get your money in cash or through verified funds transfer into the account of your picking. To give you genuine peace of mind, we don’t finish our Car Removal until you affirm that your payment has been received.

    Items to have prepared:

    Documents to have handy: To make sure that the car is the legal owner or authorised proxy, we need you to provide photo identification such as your driver’s license and proof of ownership before we can move on with the sale.

    Financed vehicles: If your vehicle is encumbered, make sure to contact the financier and ask for the current payout in writing. This is an easy process and many will send you the request to your email.

    Things to help the valuation: Accessories, log books or service receipts, spare keys and optional extras.


    Q) How long does the old car removal process take?

    A) In metro locations, the whole process can be done quickly, around an hour or two. This includes inspection, paperwork and the actual old car removal. However, if the removal is to take place in a rural area, we will work with you to figure out what time is convenient and when to finalise the sale.

    Q) What determines the value of my old car?

    A) Our CAR REMOVALS system features an initial pricing scheme that gives an approximate value based on the data provided by our own national database and Glasses Guide. The final values are reached when our inspectors appraise your vehicle on the site. Differences in the initial and final prices may occur because of the vehicle condition, distance travelled, and the popularity of the car model.

    Q) Which documents do I need to have prepared beforehand?

    A) To make sure that the whole process is smooth and fast, we suggest that you have your registration certificate and driver’s license read before the scheduled collection date. However, if you cannot find your license and/or registration certificate, we can usually confirm your ownership via alternative means, such as a password or other recognised ID cards.

    Q) How will I receive my payment?

    A) We pay you with cash upfront, or through bank transfer or cheque. We also do not collect your old car until you have made sure that you have received the payment.

    Q. I will be unavailable at the pickup date.  Can someone else conduct the sale on my behalf?

    A) Yes. If an issue arises and you will be unavailable during the scheduled date, you can authorise a proxy to carry out the sale on your behalf.  For example, your parents or spouse.  As for fleet or company cars, an authorised representative can similarly arrange and complete a sale.

    Q) Do I need to pay anything for using Carwanted’s services?

    A) No. Our old car removal service is absolutely free, meaning no hidden costs or conditions for everything including valuation, inspection and removal.

    Why Choose Us

    At Cars wanted, getting cash for your old car is never simpler. Why? Since we give security, comfort and effectiveness like no other cash for car business can give. We are an authorised car removal service which entirely takes after a strict code of practice. A code of practice that secures your rights as a purchaser, paying little heed to whether you are purchasing or offering an auto. This dispenses with the dangers usually seen with private purchasers, that as a rule end up as a misfortune for the vendor. With us, you can rest assured realising that you are working with authorised experts that have been working for over 15 years. Our arrangement is to first guarantee your fulfilment, and that is accomplished by means of amplifying accommodation and benefit for you the client. Just, no other money for autos organisation can measure up to these certifications.

    So why wait?  Call us now at 0451 101 985 or use our online form and get the most money for your car today.

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