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    If you’re in the Sunshine area and are looking to have an Old Car Removed from your premises, then we are the right buyers for you.  We are offering “Free Old Car Removals” and cash upfront for your car.  There’s no need for preparation or such, our Old Cars Removal Sunshine service functions on an ‘as is’ ‘where is’ system.  We are looking out for specific older models, such as classics but are also accepting other models.  Just contact us at 0451 101 985 to see what we can do for your old car.  Our veteran inspectors can give you an accurate price for your car based on age, distance traveled and popularity, among other things.  Our Old Car Removals service can be done in as little as one or two hours!
    ‘Old Car owners’ have a buyer for their unwanted vehicle at Cars Wanted Sunshine. We are the old, used, damaged, scrap and wrecked Auto Buyers that put instant cash in your hands. Cash up to $6,000. When a quick sale and the right kind of cash matters, give us a call and we’ll make you an offer for your vehicle.

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    Get Cash For Old Car Removals Sunshine

    Get Your Old Car Removed Today – The Process Takes Less Than an Hour

    At Cars Wanted Sunshine, you can get your vehicle removed in less than an hour. We are the Car Removal Company in Sunshine that provides vehicle owners with a way to Get Rid of the Old Car today. Get rid of their old car quickly, and put cash in their hand at the same time.

    Old vehicle owners don’t have to go to the trouble of making any repairs or waxing the vehicle to get it in presentable shape. We are a company that eliminates all prep work, providing our customers with ease in Selling A Vehicle. We buy it “As Is.” We do ask that all vehicle owners have their auto cleaned out of their personal belongings before our arriving to inspect and buy the vehicle.

    At Cars Wanted Sunshine, we are a Car Removal Company that will buy and removed your vehicle, taking up less than an hour of your day. Our Car Buying process is that simple for all vehicle owners that live in Sunshine.

    1. You contact us over the phone or through our web page, letting us know the details of your vehicle

    2. We quickly determine its value to provide you with a Cash for Old Cars quote.

    3. We provide you with the option to accept, reject or think about our offer.

    4. Should you accept, we will then arrange for a Free Car Removal. Our Old Car Removals are scheduled at times that are convenient for our customers. Appointments can be scheduled around the clock. When we arrive, we will quickly inspect the vehicle to ensure that an accurate description was given, and we will then provide our customers with the paperwork to sign that states they are selling their vehicle to Cars Wanted Sunshine, and provide our CASH FOR OLD CARS payments. Our payment will be the amount we quoted on the phone provided the description of the vehicle provided was accurate.

    Old Car Removal Sunshine

    5. We load the vehicle while you count your cash and are quickly on our way.

    At Cars Wanted Sunshine, it takes less than an hour to Sell & Remove your Car. Less than an hour until you are counting up to $6,000 cash.

    We will ask that you have the title of ownership or scrap title of the vehicle ready to sign over to our technician. We also ask that you have the vehicle cleaned out of all personal belongings and it parked in an area that allows our technicians access to the auto.

    Why Choose Cars Wanted Melbourne?

    When you choose Cars Wanted Sunshine, you choose a company that:

    We are the fully licenced and insured auto buyers that put the green in your pocket. Cars Wanted Sunshine wants to buy your unwanted car today. Give us a call or complete our “Get a Quote” form, and we’ll make you an offer. Call us at 0451 101 985.

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