Top 8 Tips to Get Better Mileage from Your Car

Posted on 27th, Jul 20

No driver enjoys making frequent visits to the fuel station, and with fuel costs continually rising, your car’s fuel efficiency is now more crucial than ever before. If your car’s drinking up fuel and giving you problems, then get in touch with us to get the Best Cash for Cars in Melbourne


Here are the top tips from Cars Wanted Melbourne on how to get better mileage from your car.

Lose the Junk in Your Trunk

Your vehicle has a weight capacity; and, while it may be safe to fill the vehicle to its weight capacity, your fuel efficiency will suffer.  If your trunk is packed full of heavy gear take out what you don’t need. Roof carriers also add weight, so take them off when you don’t need them. The lighter the load, the better fuel efficiency the car will get.

Use the Right Grade of Fuel 

 Using the right fuel will help the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to find out the quality of fuel you should use for the vehicle. Not all cars thrive on premium, so you may be wasting money at the pumps if you are using premium fuel and your car is one that doesn’t benefit from the fuel.

Check Your Speed

 Putting the pedal to the metal means wasted fuel use. Drive sensibly. Driving in the slow land at a steady pace will help the vehicle to get better fuel efficiency.

Use Cruise Control

Turn on cruise control to maintain an even pace. Cruise control will help save fuel when used appropriately (on highways and during long drives). 

 Drive on Highways as Much as Possible 

Highway driving is better for a vehicle as the stop and go is typically minimal. When possible, take the highway, set the cruise control, and enjoy the fuel savings.

 Use Less Air Conditioning

The air conditioning uses fuel. Aerodynamics can be lost when rolling down the window. When the car is stationary, roll down the windows and blast the AC to get the hot air out of the car and then shut down the AC.

 Fill Up Your Tank the Right Way 

Don’t top off the tank. The more weight of the vehicle, the more fuel that is used. Fill the tank 3/4 full for better fuel efficiency. 

 Tyre Pressure

Again, check the owner’s manual for your vehicle and find out the proper air pressure for the tyres. When you fill up the tank, check the tyre pressure to ensure that it is at the proper level for better fuel mileage.

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