Never Got Around To Fixing Up That Classic From Melbourne?

Posted on 06th, Apr 15

If you never got around to fixing up that old classic of yours, don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t the first vehicle owner that purchased an old junker with good intentions of fixing up the vehicle into a shiny classic that everyone would turn to have a look at. After years, you may be tired of looking at the eyesore in your yard and  are ready to have the pile of scrap cars removed. You have called around to different Wrecking yards just to find out that finding one to accept your make and model in the condition it is in is hard to find. Not to mention the cost of having it towed. With years of added rust to the vehicle, there are few potential buyers looking for a vehicle like yours on the market and you are thinking you’ll likely have to pay someone to take it. After all, it would likely be cheaper to purchase one restored at this point. It may sound like a grim situation, but there is a solution, and that solution can have your car out of there as soon as this afternoon.

Solution for Old, Junk, Scrap Cars

When you want your yard back, finally ridding yourself of that old scrappy vehicle It is time to do something. You may feel that it is almost an embarrassment to put the vehicle on the market- or you don’t want to go to the expense of advertising the vehicle as even asking a dollar amount for the Junk car is an embarrassment in itself, then a Car Removal Melbourne company in Melbourne is a solution.

You might be asking yourself what makes a cash for car removal company a solution. After all, we are led to believe that if something sounds too good to be true, normally it is.

Car Removal

In a reputable cash for cars company like Cars Wanted Melbourne, it is not too good to be true. It is the business of these companies to buy cars. And, most Car Wreckers companies pay ‘instant cash for the removal’- Cars Wanted Melbourne is the perfect example.

We Pay Cash for Cars & Free Car Removal Melbourne

Car removal companies like Cars Wanted Melbourne should:

  • Be established and recognised in the community
  • Offer Free Car Removal services to all suburbs of Melbourne
  • Pay instant cash
  • Offer “same day Car Removals”
  • Accept any make and model of any age and condition (this is a real benefit for scrap, junk and totalled car owners because not all wrecking yards accept all makes and models)
  • Accept any motor vehicle, running or not- trucks, Jeeps, utes, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, commercial vehicles, etc.
  • Offer eco-friendly Car Disposals

The process that a Car Removal company disposes of their vehicles is important. With cars being a threat when thrown into a landfill due to their toxins and contaminants, landfills should be avoided. The company should recycle, reuse and resell all the parts and metals of the vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle will not end up in a landfill. It also means that the company will be paying you a fair price on your vehicle as they will be getting a fair price for the vehicle. It is the job of a car removal company to make selling your vehicle the most hassle free process. The more experience and industry connections the company has the better the Car Removal company.

We Remove Any Age, Make, Model & Condition

Selling your unwanted vehicle in Melbourne could not get easier. You simply located a Cash for Cars company that services your area and ask for a cash offer on your vehicle. You don’t have to bring the vehicle to them for a cash offer, and they don’t have to schedule an appointment to evaluate the vehicle before they make the offer. You simply provide a few details about the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle and then accept or reject their offer. It is a system that is fast and efficient and within a few hours, you can have the cash in your hands and the stress and strain of selling your vehicle for cash eliminated.

There are many  Car Removals Melbourne companies, so be sure to choose a company that is reputable. When you access their web page, check their contact information to verify that they have their physical address listed, as well as their phone number; and, be sure that they don’t offer a cash offer to then say “the cheque is in the mail”. If the car removal company shows up to remove your vehicle and they don’t have the cash in hand, find another car removal company as most pay instant Cash For Cars on the spot.

Get instant cash on your free car removal performed by Cars Wanted Melbourne.  We buy all makes and models of every age and condition and pay instant cash of up to $6,000 on the spot. Call us at 0451 101 985

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